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A Deep Dive Into Our Academic Subjects

Rows and columns of education icons signify academics at Lamad Academy

Integrating STEAM subjects into all aspects of our students’ education

Key takeaways:

  • Academics at Lamad Academy are meant to prepare and inspire students for critical thinking and technical roles.

  • We teach a variety of traditional middle school subjects.

  • Our STEAM focus is apparent in every subject we teach.

As an institution, Lamad Academy is designed to prepare and inspire students for success in the 21st Century. We maintain rigorous academic standards because we believe our students should be scientifically and technically trained to compete in the workforce and make a difference in their communities.

Our education model is rooted in a STEAM curriculum, which includes a key focus on advanced mathematics and science, as well as the arts. What does this model entail? How do we incorporate other subjects into this STEAM focus?

We take a deeper look at our academic subjects and what they teach students. We teach a well-rounded education rooted in high expectations and a belief in the abilities of our student scholars.

Understanding STEAM-focused academics

STEAM curriculum focuses on educating students in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. It takes an interdisciplinary approach, integrating each of these fields into each subject in a cohesive manner. The goal is to encourage interest in STEAM-related fields.

Students that have a STEAM background can pursue careers in various fields. Some of these jobs include:

  • Conservation scientist

  • Computer systems analyst

  • Architect

  • Graphic designer

  • Mathematician

Adding up mathematics

We begin rigorous mathematics instruction in sixth grade. We start with the basics, including connecting ratios and rates to whole number multiplication and division. Students are also exposed to Pre-Algebra concepts through writing, interpreting, and using expressions and equations. Our teachers ensure students understand ratios and how to compare two things using multiplication and division. The goal is to give student scholars strategic ways to solve real-world problems

The formula for science

Starting in sixth grade, Lamad students focus on mastering both life and physical sciences. Students use investigation techniques and lab experiments to learn about the world around them.

We utilize the Full Operation Science System (FOSS) Units of Study. FOSS is a research-based curriculum for grades K-8 based on the concept of active learning. It bridges the gap between research and the practical use of scientific concepts to engage students and build interest in different scientific fields.

Subjects include:

  • Heredity and adaptation

  • Electromagnetic force

  • Gravity and kinetic energy

  • Waves

  • Planetary science

The data on engineering and technology

At the middle school level, engineering and technology education is geared toward allowing students to see the connection between these fields and other related fields, such as math and science. Students learn to analyze technological products and processes and how technology impacts society at large. Engineering and technology education also focuses on building soft skills such as problem solving, using hands-on activities, and experimentation.

The rules of reading and writing

Literacy and writing are essential skills that all students need to absorb, analyze, and communicate important information. Literacy courses focus on developing writing, reading, speaking, listening, research, and critical thinking skills. There’s a focus on learning vocabulary, including the meaning and origin of words. There is a particular emphasis on grammar and the mechanics of good writing that communicates in a clear and precise manner. Lamad Academy also chooses culturally relevant literature to help students develop language and think about the meaning behind words and phrases.

Understanding social studies

In sixth grade, the curriculum will focus on ancient civilizations and how those cultures brought us to where we are today. We focus on building critical thinking skills as we interpret historical sources and eyewitness accounts. Other themes include geography, economics, government, world religions, and achievements.

The heartbeat of health

Our health curriculum focuses on physical health, as well as mental/emotional health, and healthy eating. Our focus is on helping students understand the physical, hormonal, and emotional changes that occur during adolescence, as well as educating students about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

Developing foreign language skills

Starting in sixth grade, students take Spanish classes that focus on learning basic vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure of the Spanish language. We also work on developing listening and reading comprehension to encourage students to hold simple conversations and write short passages. The other goal of foreign language study is to develop cultural awareness and understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures here in the U.S. and around the world.

Integrating math and science across the board

Lamad Academy takes the unique approach of integrating math, science, and art into every subject. Our goal is to build an understanding of the natural and meaningful connections between STEAM subjects and other subjects.

Watch your child grow at Lamad Academy

Lamad Academy is here to ensure your child grows academically and personally. We focus on STEAM curriculum so that our young scholars learn about the connection between science, math, art, and the world around them. We also encourage students to build soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, critical analysis, and leadership.

Contact us if you have any questions about our school, academic programs, and education philosophy. If you are looking for a school-home, contact the Lamad Academy Admissions Office.

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