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Preparing Children for a Future Well Beyond Middle School

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

A Lamad Academy laptop leans against an open book for lifelong learning

Key takeaways:

  • Lamad Academy students are prepared to succeed regardless of their background, income, family circumstances, or other external factors.

  • Our keen focus on math, science, technology, and the arts builds future innovators and prepares students for success in an integrated global economy.

  • We teach our students great skills and habits like persistence, problem-solving, intellectual curiosity, and time management.

  • Lamad’s thoughtful community leaders, active parents, and dedicated educators all contribute to supporting our students and boosting their achievement.

  • We are a bright spot in education that changes the lives of our students and prepares them for success in a globally competitive world.

At Lamad Academy, we prepare and inspire students to successfully and enthusiastically pursue a life of learning, innovation, and leadership. Our mission is to provide middle school students with an in-depth understanding of technology and community that prepares them for success in high school, college, and technically-skilled jobs in a competitive economy. Here is a brief overview of how Lamad Academy serves as a road to high school and college readiness, and a path to a great future well beyond middle school

Develop a scientifically-trained technical framework for the future

Lamad Academy has a positive impact on student achievement. Our students are immersed in an academically rigorous, standards-based curriculum with a principal emphasis on math, science, and technology, which are integrated into all subjects. We believe this focus will serve our students well in the future and help them pursue advanced mathematics and science education in their secondary and post-secondary careers. Our emphasis on technology prepares students for future jobs in our competitive, innovative economy.

Life skills that create success

Lamad Academy scholars develop writing, reading, speaking listening, research, and critical thinking skills. They are taught math concepts in strategic ways to solve real-world problems. These learning fundamentals are interwoven with a keen understanding of the progression and scope of technology.

Foster a positive learning environment

Our community of continuous learning has a commitment to our vision, an innovative spirit, and strict accountability. Our curriculum prepares students for high school classes and college, which requires confidence and aptitude. Our creative operational teaching structure allows for in-classroom and remote learning. The online learning platform offers small group and differentiated instruction and is a seamless alternative to classroom learning.

We believe our students are capable of learning at high levels and meeting academic, civic, and social standards. Our high expectations are both academic and behavioral and are met through the commitment of our students.

At Lamad Academy, we make sure no student “falls through the cracks.” We support students’ social and emotional well-being and provide systems, strategies, and assistance for those struggling academically. Our responsive and dedicated staff promotes an enthusiastic community of continuous learning in which students are met where they are.

Collaboration with parents and the community

Our middle school students are supported by a strong community with a shared educational vision. We consider our whole school to be an extended family and our intimate setting allows our students to feel seen and valued. Parents are more involved in their children’s learning process because of the small student population.

Parents appreciate how frequently teachers communicate with families in a community of full transparency and collaboration. We are keenly aware that middle-school children need encouragement and guidance from all of the people in their lives during these transformative years of growth and development. Lamad Academy educators partner with parents and community leaders to ensure that students are supported in their student life and in their plans to reach their goals.

A bright spot in education

Lamad is a beacon of positivity and high standards in middle school education. Our school is a contrast to other schools across the country, which may not be giving young people the skills they require to do jobs that are available today and will be important in the future. We understand that with the proper support and tutelage, every student can succeed, regardless of income, background, family circumstances, or other external factors. We help our students beat the odds and set them on a path to success.

Dedicated teachers and staff

The Lamad teaching methodology is rooted in two phrases: “to teach” and “to learn.” This idea is the basis for our school motto, and follows the belief that the “teacher has not taught unless the student has learned.” Our teachers are dedicated, highly skilled, and educated lifelong learners themselves, whose ultimate goal is not simply the impartation of facts but rather the changing of lives.

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Strong preparation, thoughtful leadership, and compassionate nurturing prepare our middle school students for excellence in high school and beyond. At Lamad Academy, we talk to our students about their skills and interests and discuss how these dreams might translate into a college major or a successful career. Our educators work with our students and partner with parents to develop plans for students to reach their personal goals.

Our innovative place of academic learning must produce enduring benefits for our students and pave the way for a bright and successful future. The leaders and educators at Lamad Academy are proud to say that we make a substantive difference in the lives of our students.

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