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What You Need to Know Next: The Lamad Academy

Lamad Academy is offering a Summer Bridge program which includes 8 days of capturing a bird’s eye view on where the child stands academically. This program can identify if there are any gaps from shifting from a physical school environment to a virtual one in the midst of COVID-19. The dates for the programs are:

o July 20

o August 3

With education budget cuts, the ARTS one of the first things cut from funding in our children's schools. While most schools have a STEM option, Lamad Academy is a full-blown STEAM environment. One major advantage is while STEM focuses on scientific concepts, STEAM allows the children to have an inquiry-based approach. It infuses and implements creativity when approaching any problem.

The Lamad Academy is fully committed to meeting each child where they are and helping to move them forward. We speak with parents daily who have had issues ranging from classroom attention all the way to bullying. We’re committed to making sure that doesn’t happen.

LAMAD is a Hebrew word for learning and teaching and at Lamad Academy, we believe the teacher has not taught until the student learns. And to our students, you are empowered. Ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries. Confront the conventional ways of thinking.

Reading is a huge part of keeping your child on track for the fall school year. To keep your child actively engaged this summer, compile a reading list of six books to keep them reading. Your local librarian can help with age-appropriate recommendations.

If you are ready to explore your child’s future in STEAM fields, we are accepting applications for students entering sixth grade. Enroll for the fall 2020 semester today!

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