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What You Need to Know Now

  • The Lamad Academy Charter School is accepting enrollment applications for sixth grade students. With a program that was designed to virtual before COVID-19, it removes any questions for your child’s fall education.

  • The Lamad Academy is the first charter school in the Brooklyn and East Flatbush area to incorporate a STEM curriculum into every subject matter ranging from English Arts to Physical Education. This provides the children with careers they can be passionate about in the 21st century.

  • The Lamad Academy is retiring the chalkboard! Laptops are available to children in the classroom and for home use to make sure each student is prepared and engaged.

  • At the Lamad Academy, enrollment is now open for rising sixth grade students, but you do not have to wait until Fall. The Summer Bridge program is open to make learning strides over the next few months.

  • Our educators are committed to the East Flatbush community. Our doors will be open to community organizations and parents. We are looking forward to not only educating your child’s life but changing it, as well.

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