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The Lamad Academy Experience: What Sets Us Apart

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

lamad academy middle  schoolers hard at work on STEM learning in their safe classroom

We are committed to meeting each child where they are and helping them move forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Cutting-edge middle school education previously unavailable in our community

  • A holistic view of learning

  • STEM elements and technology incorporated into all disciplines

  • Dedicated to the success of all of our students

  • Spirited learning, growth, development, and fun

Deciding where to enroll your middle-school-aged child can be difficult. The thought of your child in a new school with a different set of social and academic rules is a little daunting. Add the current pandemic into the equation and the process to find the ideal place of learning for your child becomes even more complicated.

We’re here to calm your worries and tell you that middle school can be great! At Lamad Academy, we take our unique style of education and help middle-school-aged children find their voices, build friendships, and foster a true love of learning. We are preparing the next generation of innovators to pursue their dreams and shape the world, all while having the proper safety protocols in place and a technology-focused education platform.

Here’s a breakdown of why Lamad Academy is different from other middle and charter schools and how we excel at middle school education:

Cutting edge approach to education

Lamad is a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) school that offers small, dynamic learning environments with a focus on technological learning methods. Our class assignments are paperless and all of our students receive laptops to encourage digital literacy and ensure access to remote learning. We don’t use technology to simply manage schoolwork; instead, we give students the skills to design, problem-solve and express their thoughts and ideas through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Our technology-integrated instruction helps address students’ individual learning needs and prepare them for 21st-century career opportunities. Our teachers see technology as an essential tool in education and utilize it to help students develop relevant skills.

We’ve implemented procedures and protocols for in-person and online learning to minimize health risks while preserving consistency, innovative teaching, and student learning.

Holistic approach to learning

At Lamad, we understand that our scholars are on a transformative educational and personal journey. We fully activate all aspects of our learners’ personalities to arrive at comprehensive and individual education plans.

We honor all that our students, parents, faculty, and staff bring to the learning process. We encourage collaboration and questioning the norm to solve problems creatively and resourcefully. Parents and Lamad staff members unite to support our students’ achievements and challenge our extraordinary young people.

Incorporating STEM into all disciplines

Lamad Academy drives innovation. We incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) through projects, problem-solving, and active student engagement. We are the first charter school in the Brooklyn and East Flatbush area to incorporate a STEM curriculum into every subject.

Our small school community allows for effective social distancing during this time and the promotion of individuality and leadership. Lamad provides real-time instruction online with many opportunities for teacher-student interactions. Our students feel part of a group, even when they are working from home. Lamad educators use technology to promote STEM principles and enhance learning outcomes

Dedicated to the success of all students

Our instructors teach live five days a week with tutoring available to fill in the gaps. Given the isolation of the last year, many young people have had limited experience with a true community. At Lamad, community is core - we cultivate a center that provides students with a sense of ownership and belonging. We’re a home for independent, deep thinkers, and we foster a compassionate, creative learning community.

We prepare our students to succeed socially and academically during their time with us and beyond. This careful preparation includes teaching our students to develop high school-ready habits such as critical thinking, overcoming adversity, learning to advocate for themselves and others, and becoming leaders and upright citizens in their respective communities.

Foster spirited learning, growth, development, and fun

The environment at Lamad Academy is warm, welcoming, and consistent. We’ve assembled a team of faculty and staff who deeply care about our scholars.

There is a true climate of excitement among students and educators here. The enthusiasm is palpable. Our teachers receive comprehensive support and professional development to advance our technology-driven curriculum. We build an exclusive community of care and our students’ mindsets are nurtured and changed for the better

Enrollment for a Better Today and a Brighter Future

This past academic year has been unlike any other, and we are proud that the students, faculty, and staff at Lamad Academy have met these challenges together with great leadership, planning, and positivity. Our challenges are not over but we are confident that our holistic, STEM-based model of learning is a perfect fit for the future of education.

Finding a middle school for your child during these disrupted, uncertain times can be stressful, but there is no better time to implement the kind of education that Lamad offers. We understand that one day our young students will be stepping into a complex, globally-connected world that will demand innovative thinkers. By providing empathy and fostering curiosity and collaboration, we are an incubator for compassionate, future-focused learners.

Contact us today to enquire about Fall 2021 enrollment.

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